Meal in Derawan 

How about eat in Derawan Island?

Showed you that why we stay at Derawan, in our last posts. Where have village can easier to find restaurants and stores. But seriously, the food menu also same at all in this island.

We just went 2 resterants while we stayed 7 days. First day, we just arrived and feel very hungry. Whatever can eat we doesn’t care. But the taste really not good in the first restaurant. After day, we found one restaurant where the food are delicious. Then our restaurant didn’t change in the other days! So now I show you. What did we eat in Derawan.


No any price list on their menu. You need ask first. And you also can ask the price cheaper too. The price about Rp35,000-40,000 per each main course with white rice. The cost are not cheap for us. But there is a rich village. Don’t worry. You can ask the price cheaper everything you buy.

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  1. Viajar es vida says:

    Well done guys!!! We wish you all the best in this new website and amazing adventure. We miss these great moments with you in Derawan island. Keep in touch.


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