Diving Archives of Bunaken Island, Sulawesi Utara 

Bunaken is the one of Indonesia most famous diving and snorkeling areas in Coral Triangle of earth and it draws visitors from all over the world. In this post, we will show you where we stay, about scuba dive informations and how to reach of Bunaken.

•Why we reached Bunaken Island
Derawan is our first stop in Indonasia, we didn’t decide the next location after that. Then we met a new friend David, who is a diver just went from Bunaken. He told us where have many dive sites surrounded the island, the big coral wall in the water and the rate is cheap.

•Diving and snorkeling in the blue with marine animals on the big coral walls
From the mangroves a 2m deep fringing reef extends about 50m into the ocean ending in a drop into the deep. The drop off makes the great wall for diving. The corals around Bunaken creates a colourful and healthy reef. Snorkeling around the island was very nice, with the drop of close to shore allowing for free diving on this stunning in the reef.

Just in Bunaken island surrounded 19 dive sites. We did 4 dives in Raymond, Mandolin, Rons and Likuan lll of dive sites.

There almost have reef sharks and turtles can see. We wanna more dives, but our budget was limited!

We saw the turtles hides into corals still sleeping. They’re so cute!

Dive cost shown below.

•How to reach there
Is very simple to….First we reached the airport in Manado(MDC). Almost resorts are including a car (our cost Rp150,000)from Manado airport to jetty then take a boat (our cost Rp150,000 per person) about 40mins transfer to Bunaken.

There also have a public boat leaves daily except Sundays at 2-3PM from the canal on the north side of Manado market. It returns to Manado from the jetty in Bunaken village around 8-8:30AM every morning except on Sundays.

•How about sleep and eat
We stayed in Panorama Dive Resort same with David. He recommended that never felt disappointed for us.

They have restaurant including 3 delicious meals, water, coffee and tea in daily.

Premium Bungalows 220,000Rp per person per night / Deluxe Bungalows 330,000Rp per person per night. All rooms have a fan but no air-con and hot water. Breeze blowing gently in every night. Actually, no need switch on the air-con also can have a good dream.

In addition, there had other diver hang out for diving, we can also follow the boat to their dive site for snorkel, and free of charge:)

Panorama Dive Resort

Website: http://bunakendiving.co/pages/index.php

Contact: Sven: +62 813 402 17027 (English, German, Indonesian)

Email: sven@bunakendiving.co
More pics in  Photo Gallery (<– click please. )

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