” The Train From Hell ” in Myanmar

2 years ago, we watched one of TV show on Discovery Channel, Anthony Bourdain was a television host who traveled to Myanmar. The most impressive section that he took the train from Yangon to Bagan. He was drink and smoke, look so angry because very uncomfortable on the way.

My memories on the train

I had many chances to Shanghai by train when I was young. In the early morning reached at afternoon on next day that’s so far away from Guangzhou. I can slept and eat many snacks watching the big views on the way. For now I’m a city human, this is my rare opportunity to once again embark on a long distance train journey. That’s why I need to explore the possibility of “The Train From Hell” .


Every day start at 4pm on time departure to Bagan station on next day morning about 11am. The cost is USD$6 per person. Along the way you can enjoy scenery of the lush pastoral farmland, on a railway can see the locals simple building and very beautiful sunset landscape!

There will be stop station in every 2hours on the way, many hawkers selling a variety of local food. No need worry about hungry belly! Of course, the premise is the courage to try it.

Yes , I did it!

The Yangon-Bagan train has been in operation for almost a century, was builded in the days before the British colonial era. Now Myanmar train had a lot of train cabins written in Japanese, because a lot of locomotives and train cabins donation from Japan.

My adventure experience

Advantages have been finished. I called “The Train From Hell” for sure there had something happening. I asked my local relatives before leaving they had never been on the train, they said that’s very horrible in my coming 17 hours.

That day, I arrived in Yangon train station at 3:30pm. I saw some locals and backpackers from the world are waiting. Lonely Planet said they’re not recommended tourists to Bagan by train ever. In my mind, for sure that venture to explore and challenge this experience.

At 4pm on time started from Yangang City loop system both on the railway of the first hour, the speed was very slow. I felt the degree of rocking, but I was enjoying the train cabins in the iron steels of between piercing sound, I did know that the sound will accompany my 17 hours journey.

With the departure of Yangon city areas, the speed gradually accelerated. Train bumps and shaking intensified. Bumps and shaking is not the same of meaning! Bump means to jump up and down. Shaking means swinging from side to side, like sitting elephant and horse riding but the feelings of ten times more stronger. I felt my butt off from my seat, need to hold the handrails anytime. But the train can not be fast, hardly describe how the train constantly swing. And I was also worried about whether derailment of train.

However, the views are perfect!

Horrible night on ” The Train From Hell “

When I used to bump and shake, as well as harsh steel friction and collision sound, that this train cannot called it is from hell.

Sunset proved my estimate wrong. After enjoyed the spectacular sunset scenery, the sky gradually darkened. At this time too many insects fly into the train . Many of insects meaning that I can’t to describe how many types of mosquitoes, dragonflies, moths and even fly cockroaches and bats.

Focus the train didn’t have any air-con. I had try to close the windows, but need to know that smelly scent more unbearable. From 6pm in the evening along with these disturbing flying insects along the journey, as many as the number of these flying objects can be seen in the train under the lights to form a whirlpool. Try to close your eyes at night nap, your face continued to feel the impact and climb over in whole night , is very difficult to sleep. This nightmare continues until the next day sunrise!

In conclusion

” The Train From Hell ” journey is the most unforgettable train experience of my life. I don’t know when i have chance to try again in other countries. I love to watch the most abundant of scenery, also close to visit the local of culture on the train.

Next posts…Golden Country of Myanmar is coming soon.

More pics in our Photo Gallery ( <-click please )

By B of B&W:)

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