6 famous beaches of Kerama Islands in Okinawa

Kerama Islands are located about 40 km west of Naha on Okinawa Island.
There are over 20 islands in size from small or large, most of them are surrounded by corals reefs. The most famous are Tokashiki-jima, Zamami-jima and Aka-jima islands of beaches.

Kerama-shoto National Park–including Zamami-jima and Tokashiki-jima of beaches.

In this posts, we briefly introduce 6 famous beaches with crystal blue water of Kerama Islands in Okinawa.

Zamami-jima Island

Furuzamami Beach

Located on the Zamami-jima Island where is about 10 minutes by bus from the pier. You can walk to, but we are not recommended by general bike because need to ride over the mountains up and down. The beach landscape is very nice, there have a high-profile of entrance, enjoy the beach views perfectly. There have a small dining area near the beach and you also can rent snorkel equipment in a store that’s very convenient. The beach have lifeguards on duty and shark prevention nets (or called jellyfish net)for safety. Underwater clear, many types and colorful of corals in full coast. Tropical fishes are numerous.
Where is we recommend on the top of 6 beaches.

Ama Beach

Also located on the Zamami-jima Island where is take about 20 mins by bus from pier same as Furuzamami Beach bus! But you need make sure the location of bus schedule sometimes it doesn’t go there at same time. Also you can ride a bicycle that the road is easier then going to Furuzamami Beach. On the way through a dog’s bronze statue, remember to take some pics that’s had a long story from Zamami. Beach landscape is common, the sand is not necessarily good. Near the beach is Zamami-jima Island camp site, where have a small restaurant selling cup noodles, ice cream and some drinks also have draft beer, but did not see any stores had rent snorkeling supplies.

Although underwater and landscape is not special, is not a good idea to watch corals and fishes. But there is the most attractive place because can swim with turtles every day. According to guest house of we stayed, they told us that when the high tide of water every day, the turtles will reach to eat sea grass under water, often not just only one. So even the beach views in general, marine corals and fishes doesn’t rich, we still recommended you to visit of beaches.

Aka-jima Island

Aka Beach

Located in Aka village of the Main Street with near side, take a few walks into the beach is easy. Aka Beach the sand not so softly in general, but landscape is very nice, you can see the bridge opposite of the mountains. Where have some chance to walk with deers on the beach. But there no any shops rental snorkel equipment, no lifeguards on duty and no shark nets. The coralreefs had many fishes habitat that it can see a small sea eel hidden at the bottom of the sea. Even there can see the puffer fish and nimo are hiding in the reef seam. Unfortunately, a bit desolate feeling under water not so many big fishes and corals.

Nishibama Beach
The most famous beach in Aka-jima Island, where the sand is write and soft. Coast is strong and the water is clear with crystal green and blue colour. Located in Aka village about 20 mins by bus, halfway need to climb the hills, cycling or walking will be a bit difficult hardly. There are shops for renting snorkel supplies as well. Lifeguards are on duty until about 5pm. The coastline is relatively long and entrance height can enjoy the coastal scenery, also can see Zamami-jima Island of opposite side. As for the underwater we felt very drab. However there have some beautiful corals and colorful fishes, but not so many. The lifeguards told us when the water high tide of the beach is a best time to swim with turtles.

Tokashiki-jima Island

Aharen Beach

The most famous and lively beach among the Kerama islands. Clear crystal blue water make for an impressive view of new-moon coastline. Walk a few seconds from Aharen village, where is the most popular guesthouse accommodation of Tokashiki-jima Island. The location is superb! Closer with stores, restaurants and activities shops. lifeguards are on duty on the beach. You can hear more languages to remind tourists to note from the speaker. Under water feel so charm, everyone keep moving in surprise motion of it. Almost proved that the original Aharen beach corals and fishes are very rich and prosperous, it’s dizzying and stunning.

Tokashiku Beach

Located on the northwest of Tokashiki-jima Island. We recommended to take the taxi that need to earlier make an appointment because just have only one taxi in Tokashiki. If Walk to there is more difficult, unless the plan has been hiking. The coastline like a new-moon of shape, surrounded by mountains. Looking from the height maintain, it is  brighting with blue and white, it’s amazing!

where has a dive hotel and local guest house, locals stores and restaurants, but there no shops for rent snorkelling supplies. The corals and fishes under water is not too much, cannot compare what we expected! But the staffs also told us that this beach have many sea turtles always patronize! Come to Tokashiki-jima Island may wish to spend an afternoon come here to find such a beautiful marine life figure.



In fact, 6 famous beaches had many different advantages of underwater or beach views. Remember take your own snorkel articles because almost beaches doesn’t have rental shop. But there is a good way for relax, just lay on the beach in whole day nothing to think and do. All beaches are beautiful and relaxing to enjoy the holidays.

If you want to know more informations (for ex: how to find cheaper locals home stay on net…ect) please feel free to ask us. I known from net very hard to find fully informations of travel Japan’s islands in English. Although we difficult too but we known Chinese is easier. So we will tell you all as we known.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Victoria says:

    This is super interesting, thank you!
    We are looking for desert beautiful beaches with nice underwater life. We don’t care about the lack of lifeguards or shops, actually we prefer to avoid people. Which one of the islands would you chose then?


    1. Hi Victoria,
      We’re sorry to belated reply you.

      We recommend you stay in Aka and Zamami island if you wanna avoid people.
      Aka is more quiet and where has some guest house including 3 meals cause there no restaurant. They count per person per night.
      The price about <4,000円 per person, it's not cheap.
      We went to Zamami 2 times where have many sea turtles under water so we recommend you go:)
      Aka and Zamami have high speed boat of transportation. But we didn't have the schedule. And we forget the boat is it only once go and return. Because we also stayed at Aka, Zamami and Tokashiki both a few days in our second time.

      So we suggest you can stay in Aka and Zamami 2 islands. Don't worry Zamami where is conform and quiet too)))

      If you have any questions can ask us again.


  2. Missing the price in Aka.
    About 4,000-4,500円(Jp)

    And you can go


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