Exploration the wreck U.S navy ship of Tulamben

Since 1942, US Navy Ship ( name: Liberty ) was hit by a torpedo near Lombok of Japanese submarine. Before being dragged to the shore of Tulamben, the rubber and rail of parts of the vessel were preserved. Until 1963, volcanic eruption of Agung volcano that make the ship divided into two parts, rushed to offshore about 50 meters underwater.

The US ship Liberty is located in Tulamben, the eastern part of Bail. Now a lot of divers as same as us to come here to explore the mysterious shipwrecks.

Tulamben beach didn’t have any white sand, there had numerous big and small black stones covered the entire shore. Look from the shore the water is all black colour. Can not imagin under water is so clear that covered with piles of colourful corals, plants and the large tropical fishes.

On the right side of the beach have coral reef wall under water. Honestly we went to Bunaken already we felt the wall not special. So could not attracted to us of this wall.


First, if you dive in here that you need wear the wet suits go to dive center where the guides will be pick up you to the beach. Then put full gears on your body walk over the steep stones into the water! Yes, it’s very heavy! So the dive centers will be perpare full gears for guests included the dive booties help you easier walk into water. And the dive guide will be take care you as well.

No worry, Tulamben is famous for the best in diving equipment of Indonesian. All dive gears are very comfortable for us!

Dive Cost

We joined Seahua Haha Dive Center the price is cheaper and close from our resort.

1) Simple dive Rp300,000 , 1 dive into the ship.

2) Morning dive Rp350,000 , 1 dive at 6am to see the Bumphead.

3) Night dive Rp350,000 , 1 dive in to ship at night.

Second choices, if you are tired of scuba dive, you can snorkeling or free dive in your favorite time you want. The ship is not too deep, so you can also free dive through the top of this macro ship. Here is a hot spot for free dive. Some of dive center have the course of free dive.

Where we stayed and eat

We stayed in Ocean Villa And Home Stay for 4 nights. Location is good about 5mins to beach by walk.

The owner and staff are friendly, the room was clean and new very relaxed and comfortable. And the food is delicious. Including daily breakfast. We had dinner every night as well are not expensive. Can use credit card for payment.

Ocean Villa And Home Stay

Website:  http://www.oceanvillatulamben.com

More pics in our Photo Gallery  (<–Check out )

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