777 stairs of MT Popa

MT Popa of Bagan in Myanmar

Is one of must be visit and famous of tourist attractions in Bagan of Myanmar. The tower was builded on the 2418ft volcanic with a gilded Buddhist temple accessed by 777 steps, on the mother mountain’s lower flank and covered in lush forests within the Popa Mountain Park of volcano. At the last erupted about 250,000 years ago. There has all of maps and leaflets for introduce tourist informations. Every hotel can help you make appointment of half day tour to there.

Take about 1 hour by car from Bagan. On the way you can see some hawkers who make the palms and palm candy that’s quite special. They will demonstrate the traditional production process instantaneously. If you need to buy hand-gift must be can help the local tourism industry in these remote areas.

The journey of Popa is keep driving up to the mountains by car. Before approaching where had something like a observation deck place for the tourists stay a few minutes to take the pictures with the highly mountain shot and look the parts of mountain panorama scenery is really stunning. On the top of the mountain are golden buildings, there all of the buildings are temples.

Then take about a few mins to reach the bottom of popa, where is the bazaar. Many tourists and a lot of monkeys on this street.

The entrance to the top of the Popa has two beautifully sculpted white elephants and there has the stalls selling souvenirs on both sides of the entrance.

Legend of MT Popa lived 37 gods, so along the stairs up to see the different gods sculptures and portraits, if you want to know more can hire a local tour guide.

Climb to the top of the 777 stairs has about 200 stairs need to take off the shoes. Noticed that don’t put any food or drinks on your hands, because the monkeys around will be focus on you is very dangerous. Although the monkeys also make the stairs filled with smelly, but they also are good object to take pictures.

On the top of the mountain can enjoy 360 degree plains from the height of the fantastic scenery.


Half day tour take a total of 5 hours. also including transportation that’s was very convenient. Most of tourists came to Bagan spent a half day to visit Popa mountain of Myanmar.

By B of B&W:)


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