Our transfer station– Ambon Island

Map from other tourist just take a pic for us

Ambon Island is part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.We had to go through there try to reach Banda Islands. We stayed in Ambon a few days must to visit some beaches.

We stayed at Collin Beach Hotel, it’s far way from airport need to drive about 1h45mins, hotel doesn’t have any travel information, the staffs cannot speak English. Unless you just stay in hotel, otherwise we don’t recommend who stay there!

Ambon city

How can we go other beaches of Ambon?

We just searched from TripAdvisor then show the beach name to the taxi driver.

How much for each tour?

Ambon have some taxi and mini van of transportation. Taxi just a car and not cheap! First time we called a taxi in hotel, the driver said Rp100,000 for one person and we deal! Cause we started at 12pm back at 5pm! After that we paid Rp200,000 for 2 person. The driver said the price was Rp500,000 because this tour had 5hrs! Okay we paid! Their English are very bad and they look like understood what are you talking. When we asked something they just said yes! So we must advise all tourists when you deal the price for everything in Ambon you need carefully!

Mini van


Which beaches we visited in Ambon?

1)Collin Beach

Collin Beach Hotel have their own beach, from the beach landscape views look like the water not very clear because the wave always strong. So we could be think many times swim or not.

Underwater is better than look from the surface, it was clean but not crystal clear.A lot of corals reefs underwater, but fishes not so much.


2) Namalatu Beach

From Collin Beach Hotel we walked about 20 mins to Namalatu Beach, installation look like very old where was a resort own beach in long years ago.

The beach same like Collin Beach always has big wave, where built a stone bridge, I guess it’s for avoid the wave. To now where doesn’t have many tourists then evolved into a local children’s playground, the kids can play on the beach that’s very safe.

Underwater also have some of coral reef and fishes not many. Compare Collin Beach is better underwater.  Entry fee Rp2,000 per person.

3) Liang Beach

This is our long way from Collin Beach drive about 1.5h to get there. From the beach look around that’s stunning landscape views and coastline. It was amazing crystal clear blue water!

We couldn’t wait jump into the water, snorkeling about 20mins go and back felt disappointed cause the bottom of the beach with white sands therefore underwater just had only one coral. So we took some pics on the beach in our Remaining time.


4) Natsepa Beach

On the way we passed by Natsepa Beach when we drove back to our hotel. The driver asked us”coconut? coconut?” Of cause “Yes!” 🙂

The coconut very big and fresh. The owner open it very fast and pour out all water then used the fork take out the meat! At last we had 3 glasses of coconut meat and juice! Thats too much for us so we shared with our driver.

You have to try it tastes very very good! We take a rest in a small shop and shoot some landscape pics. But looked down from this shop, the beach was not attract. Because the water is not blue look very dirty and many rubbish on the beach!


5) Pintu Kota Beach

Here is a hot attractions for tourists visit of Ambon. Although name called Pintu Kata Beach but there are not a real beach, no sand just had many giant rocks. When we walked into the beach where had some shabby stores selling drinks and snacks.

We climbed the big steps to the top of the mountain not so high where have 2 small shops had cold drinks and some of tables and seats for take a rest.

Pintu Kota Beach has mountain beside the beach and stretched out, after many years sea water and rain alluvial, became a big hole in the middle of the mountain. Until now has become a natural rock bridge.

We took by public mini van to get there but not sure the price for each person. They cannot speak english. We paid Rp4,000 for 2 person form Collin Beach Hotel. But the young driver look like very happy and surprise. At last we didn’t find any mini van return our trip, and we must walked a hour back to our hotel. Lucky just only 1h xx



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